A girl in Max's class. She's, like, cool and stuff.
First Appearance Chapter 1 Page 33Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive

Violet is a character in Paranatural and one of Max's classmates. She's very aloof and cool, but often sits in front of Mr. Starchman's class despite saying there's no real need, if only because she needs the stars. She's good friends with Lisa.

Despite the aloof demeanor she displays, she was the only student in the gym class to take initiative and attempt to alert the proper authorities (Coach Oop) of the dangerous situation developing during Hijack's hitball attacks. Unfortunately, her warning was not very effective since Coach Oop stayed asleep despite her best efforts to wake him. By the time she successfully informed him of the problem, Hijack had already caused quite a bit of damage, though Violet was the only person who blamed Coach Oop's lack of diligence for the mayhem, as the remaining students blamed Jeffavorite Flavors, who was Hijack's puppet during the antics. As Coach Oop took Jeff to the office, Violet offered to take his side as a "useless free lawyer", but Jeff did not respond.

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