Vile Spirits
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 43Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
 Changes upon regeneration
Status Alive

The Vile Spirits, nicknamed Pixelhounds, are a group of three cat/dog like spirits. Their eyes are covered by fur and their mouths appear pixelated.


According to Nin, they seek out the most evil creature they can find to obey its command. They seem to enjoy toying with their enemies, taunting Forge from behind the barrier, as well as woofing and meowing after Max and Isabel disagreed on their cat/dog like appearance before peeling their fur back to reveal their faces.

Paranatural Edit

The Vile Spirits made their original appearance harassing Forge at the edge of the Mayview barrier, tricking him into losing his greatest source of metal in the process. At some unspecified point, the trio snuck onto the Ghost Train and waited for the Train to pass the border. In the process, they ran into Isabel, Max, and Spender clearing the cars out and split up, one jumping out of the car (tailed by Spender) and the remaining two staying to kill the children. The escaped Vile Spirit would incite Spender and a nearby Forge to do battle with one another and managed to escape mostly unharmed.

The two Spirits still on the Train caused Max and Isabel a great deal of trouble with their regeneration power and strange physiology, even causing Eightfold's book to fall off the train during the battle. Isabel would eventually find a way to turn the Spirit's powers against them by body slamming one of them into the other while one was regenerating. This created an "infinite death loop" that caused the two spirits to become inseparably fused in a constant state of dying and regenerating over and over. Now easily dispatched, the spirits left to reconvene with their dark masters, who commend the escaped Spirit for its role in eliminating Forge. After they leave, the now-deranged fused Spirits arrive, demanding their brother "die with them".


The Vile Spirits have an unusual anatomy, as their fur appears to simply be a covering for their true bodies. While the fur is fully covering them, their mouths appear heavily pixelated. They can pull back the fur from their heads, revealing skull like faces, and pulling the fur further back reveals a longer mouth and second pair of eyes. The Spirits also possess frog-like projecting tongues, and speak Cursed Words fluently.

Respawning Edit

The Vile Spirit's most notable power are their ability to completely regenerate their form almost instantly after being defeated. When killed, the spirits simply return in a flash of light and change their spectral energy color in the process. While this power makes the Spirits functionally immortal it can be used against them, as seen with the "infinite death loop" Isabel created that forced two of the Spirits to perpetually regenerate into one another. This power also seems to be involuntary/automatic on the Spirit's part.

A side effect of this ability is that they can't possess objects to turn them into tools or mediums or at least would have a harder time doing so; their respawn ability activates before they would get the opportunity.[1]


  • These spirits bare a strong similarity to the krenshar, feline creatures from DnD who also have the ability to retract the skin and fur on their head.
    • They also take inspiration from video games, as they "respawn" when killed, and have pixelated mouths.

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