Vice Principal DuNacht
First Appearance Chapter 5, Page 1Pnat
Species Human
Status Alive

Vice Principal DuNacht is the vice principal of Mayview Middle School. She takes her job very seriously and demands order and regulation within the school.

Paranatural Edit

VP DuNacht at some point acquired a photograph of Max's escape through a school bus, although she can't actually pin down the student in question. In response, she planned to immediately start a witch hunt for the offender before their actions could negatively impact the rest of the student body. Later that same day, she prevented a spirit-afflicted Jeff from entering the teacher's lounge, informing him that the only way a student could get in would be if they broke a serious rule and were on their way to the principal's office. Believing Jeff would soon break a rule, she snuck into that day's game of hitball by disguising herself as a student.

Relationships Edit

Principal Pleezdoo Edit

Pleezdoo technically succeeds the Vice Principal in rank, but typically ends up being manipulated so easily by her that DuNacht can functionally do whatsoever she wishes. Being a trusting woman, Pleezdo tends to believe everything DuNacht tells her, even if she doesn't entirely understand what was actually said.

Trivia Edit

  • The Vice Principal was originally named DuMont in a background detail in Chapter 1,[1] but her name was later changed to DuNacht in order to form a pairing pun with the Principal's name ("please do", "do not").[2]

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