The Shadow
The Shadow
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 10Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
 Assumed Yellow
Status Possessing a Medium

The Shadow[1] is a powerful and mysterious spirit possessing Richard Spender. Spender has described the spirit as "highly dangerous", and seems to be keeping its existence a secret as much as possible. The spirit is kept in tow largely through the efforts of Lucifer, although it can break free if his energy is used towards other things.

Paranatural Edit

The Shadow's existence was first suggested during Spender's visit to the Activity Consortium, being seen alongside Lucifer in Spender's personal room inside the headquarters. The spirit would make similar minor appearances whenever Spender and Lucifer talked with each other, manifesting as crawling, shadowy tentacles on the wall of Lucifer's spirit world "imprisoned" by the shadow of Lucifer's cage.

The Shadow's first major appearance occurred shortly after Spender fused with Lucifer and met with Agent Day. The Spirit Fusion having used up most of Lucifer's energy, the spirit forcibly frees itself from Spender and proceeds to attack Max and Isabel. The Ghost Train's high beams make short work of the spirit, forcing it back into Spender's body.

The true face of the Shadow was finally revealed during Lucifer's talk with Hijack in chapter five.

Abilities Edit

  • Appears to be a literal shadow, allowing it to crawl over surfaces with ease. However, this also seems to give the spirit a heavy weakness to light.
  • While using its abilities, its medium was capable of the following feats, implying it has similar powers:
    • Turning shadows into physical objects.
    • Pulling a person around by their shadow while it was still attached to them.
    • Transformed a shadow into a bottomless pit. When the shadow is removed, anything inside the pit is completely erased.


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