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The bubbly president of the unofficial Journalism Club. Blackmailing like every character on this page. Hates the Activity Club.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 27Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive

Susan "Suzy"[1] is a character in Paranatural. She's a crazy and persistent journalist and president of the Journalism Club at Mayview Middle School.


Suzy appears to be afraid of nothing and willing to break the rules to get what she wants when she wants it. She also blatantly ignores the will and well-being of other people in order to get her scoop.

We're also pretty sure she's spying on you from under your bed as you read this. Go on, check. If not, she's probably in your closet.

Biography Edit

A student of Mayview Middle School, she founded the unofficial Journalism Club with her assistants Collin and Dimitri in order to spread news (mostly yellow journalism) around the school. At one point she made it her project to interview every club in the school, but was forced to turn in the project incomplete due to not getting an interview from the Activity Club, earning her ire.

Paranatural Edit

After stealing his school records, she stalked the front of the school to greet Maxwell Puckett on his first day of school. Though she spends the whole day trying to convince him to join her Journalism Club, she's enraged when she finds that she was spurned in favor of the Activity Club, and plotted to blackmail him back.

Suzy and Max later had a chance encounter during his attempted escape from Johnny. Having chucked her phone at him while riding in a school bus, she calls him to confront his joining the Activity Club and offers to pay him for information. Said conversation ultimately results in Max's scooter being stolen and Max having to enlist Suzy's aid in opening the bus' emergency exits to chase after Johnny. Max gives her her phone back, and Suzy notes that having recorded the event on both phones now has "3D blackmail". She would plot the next night to spread the images through the school's rumor mill until the Principal herself was forced to take action against Max.


Activity Club Edit

Because they refused an interview for her project on school club, she's hated the Activity Club ever since, particularly Isabel.

Collin Sloinne Edit

Collin is Suzy's assistant (although he refers to himself as a "slave"). She pushes Collin around, paying no attention to his protests when he sees her breaking the rules.

Dimitri Danger Edit

Her relationship with Dimitri is like Dimitri's relationship with anyone—he is chill with her, no matter what she says.

Maxwell Puckett Edit

Suzy is obsessed with Max as he's the new kid in town and vigorously tries to make join the Journalism Club and often gives him different nicknames. Max is terrified of her enthusiasm.


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