Wild, be-scarred underling of Johnny's, does whatever he says. Equal parts hyena and human.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 19Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive

Stephen is a minor character of Paranatural, and a member of Johnny's gang.


Stephen seems to be a more wild member of the gang, eagerly chasing after Isaac and Max at Johnny's command. He is very loyal to Johnny, often following him without question.


Johnny JhonnyEdit

Stephen is shown to be very loyal to Johnny, often following his commands without question.

R.J. and Ollie OopEdit

He is friends with his fellow members of Johnny's gang, hanging out with them after school. He stacks with them during the "Friendship Fusion" technique.

Isaac O'ConnorEdit

Stephen readily believes Johnny's wild claims that Isaac is some kind of mutant, and later goes off to extract information out of him at Johnny's behest (Although he mistakenly targets Jeff).

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