Mr. Spender very clearly and accurately explains the metaphysics of spectral energy. Chapter 4, Page 74.

Spectral Energy is the power manipulated by the humans known as spectrals, and the stuff of which spirits and ghosts are made. In its raw form, it manifests as a "tinted vapor" of some color along the visual spectrum, glowing with light. Spectrals, unlike other humans, can interact with this energy and perceive the beings made of it, and some spectrals can even learn to control and shape this energy to their will. Spectrals actually produce spectral energy, and thus serve as a source of power for injured spirits such as those possessing mediums or tools. The fact that spectrals' bodies are infused with this energy means that spiritual powers can harm them just as if they were made out of spectral energy alone.

Spectral Energy Spectrum Edit

All spectral energy appears to have a color. Each spectral produces a single energy color, as does each spirit. The compatibility of a spectral with a tool can be judged by examining the colors of the spectral energies involved. For instance, Isabel and Eightfold both have the same red spectral energy, allowing Isabel to use her tool. In comparison, Mina Zarei's color is chartreuse while the Ghost Train's is teal. Because they aren't the same color, Zarei cannot use the Train's powers in its tool, but it's a close enough color to help it recover.

It does not appear that the color of spectral energy has any sort of necessary tie to the powers of the associated spirit. However, the powers seen in Paranatural frequently have some similar connotations to their associated colors (e.g. Spender's yellow light powers, Isaac's sky-blue weather powers), for narrative and aesthetic reasons if nothing else.

Spectral Energy Combat Edit

Spectrals can learn to shape their spectral energy through training and willpower. With this, even a spectral without a tool, or one who is not a medium, can hold his or her own in a fight against a spectral being. Techniques range from the ability to deliver a concentrated shot of spectral energy at range to the ability to craft elaborate shapes and forms from one's energy. The most skilled practitioner of these arts in Mayview is Francisco Guerra, who teaches other spectrals (frequently Consortium members) in the way of the Spectral Fist. Weaponized spectral energy is not very effective on enemies whose durability exceed the user's strength, as evident when many of Spender's spectral techniques barely harmed Forge. Also, as Forge, being over a century old, had not known about weaponized spectral energy until his fight with Spender, it's assumed that the art of spectral combat is fairly recent.

Spec Shot Edit


Spectrals practicing "spec-shots" at Guerra's dojo. Chapter 4 Page 5.

The more common name of the "spectral energy compression projectile burstshot" invented by Guerra, this technique concentrates spectral energy into the user's finger or hands and unleashes it as a projectile towards a target at high velocity. This is one of the Spectral Fist's basic techniques. It allows a skilled spectral to remain dangerous even at considerable range.

Shaping Spectral Energy Edit

A key part of the Spectral Fist is its use of willpower to shape spectral energy into various forms. These can be put to almost any use the creator can imagine to grant additional reach, size, or attack power.

Spectral Weapons Edit

Spectral energy can be made to hold an edge, giving it the ability to cut through and seriously injure spirits, ghosts, or other spectrals.

Spectral Motion Edit

Spectral energy can be extended away from the user's body while remaining "attached" to the spectral, and thus can be used to pull the spectral towards or push the spectral away from other objects or individuals made of spectral energy. This can grant the spectral an additional degree of motion or allow them to pull an opponent off-balance.

Aesthetics Edit


Isabel shapes spectral energy into an edged wing to attack. Chapter 4, Page 102.

Spectral energy can be shaped into almost any form, and its resultant shape is visible to other spectral-energy-using beings. This can be used for entertainment, to try to achieve some psychological or intimidating edge in battle, or just to look really really cool.