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Ravenous Gobbledygook
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 51Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

The Ravenous Gobbledygook is a bat-like spirit living within Mayview Middle School, terrorizing the local ghosts until it was defeated by the Activity Club. The Gobbledygook is notable for being one of the first antagonistic spirits seen in the comic.


The Gobbledygook has been shown to be animalistic and not readily capable of speech or much intelligent thought. It seems to be solely driven to consume ghosts and weaker spirits (hence the name) as well as entering its grudge form when threatened by Isabel Guerra.


  • The Gobbledygook, true to the first half of its name, is capable of eating ghosts and smaller spirits.
    • While spirits have been known to consume ghosts while weakened and inside a tool, it is currently unknown if there is any benefit in doing so while the spirit is healthy.
  • Can spit green ectoplasm at enemies. A spirit seen laterPnat in Chapter 3 has the same ability, suggesting that ectoplasm is a substance that some if not all spirits can emit.
  • Is a poltergeist, able to affect physical objects to some degree.


  • Mr. Spender theorizes that the "Enmity of starving animals sealed in [the] school's walls during construction" could have created the "vengeful hungry spirit".
    • This has interesting implications, as it suggests that corporeal creatures have some degree of influence on the creation of spirits.
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