Shadowy member of Johnny's gang. Eschews school rules, public speaking, the gender binary. Goes by they/them. Has eternal unspoken dibs on the shins of Johnny's victims. Their hood conceals Cool Hair... AND WHAT ELSE??
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 19Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive

R.J. is a minor character of Paranatural and a member of Johnny's gang.

Origin Edit

When R.J. was younger, their cousin took them to see an Insolent Children concert. The band that opened was ANARCHYOPTERYX, and due to their lyrics and a magazine to the face, R.J. gained an understanding of themselves and the power of music. Since then, they have taken a vow of song and silence, to save their words for only things that are truly metal. Irony is extremely metal.


R.J. is by far one of the quieter members of Johnny's gang, rarely speaking. They seem to be just as loyal to Johnny as the rest of his gang.



R.J. seems to be just as loyal to Johnny as the rest of the gang, assuring to them that they "Wouldn't ditch [him]" when Johnny mentions they could have simply gone home directly from detention rather than continue to hang out with him. They apparently have "Eternal unspoken dibs on the shins of Johnny's victims".

Stephen and Ollie OopEdit

R.J. is friends with their fellow underlings, hanging out with them and Johnny. They stack with the others during the "Friendship Fusion" technique.


  • R.J. has been shown to have a sparkly green mohawk under their hoodie.
  • R.J. has been confirmed as nonbinary originally by Word Of God and later on in the comic on page 187 of chapter 5, and uses they/them/theirs pronouns.
  • Though not being confirmed, Ed refers to R.J. as "he", before being corrected by Jhonny, implying that they were assigned male at birth (AMAB) [1]
  • They went to the same Insolent Children concert as Max, but they never interacted with him. [2]
  • R.J. has taken a vow of silence to only use their voice for "that which is truly metal" [3]

References Edit

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