The Activity Club and the New Kid
Chapter 1
Twelve-year-old Max moves into the picturesque town of Mayview and is plagued by strange visions and stranger people on his first day of school.
Start Date 6/30/2010[1]
End Date 10/16/2011
Followed By Paranatural: Chapter 2

The first chapter of Paranatural, titled The Activity Club and the New Kid, began on 6/30/2010 and ended 10/15/2011, with a total of 70 pages. It was followed by Max and the Midnight Visitor.

Summary Edit


  • The chapter's cover features several allusions to the events of the chapter, including:
    • A sunset, one of Max's first sights in Mayview.
    • The sign on the Corner Store, Max's new home.
    • The bridge that Max saw a black shade under.
    • Mayview Middle School and a classroom.
    • A Starchman Star.
    • Assorted shades of spirits, most notably the Ravenous Gobbledydook that serves as this chapter's antagonist.
  • A file in Spender's office shows that Max's first day in Mayview Middle School is 39 September 25, 20??Pnat. This makes his first day in Mayview September 24th.


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