A timid ghost boy living (WELL NOT EXACTLY LIVING PER SE) in the Corner Store. Admires Max and his glamorous superhero lifestyle.
First Appearance Chapter 1 Page 12Pnat
Age 11 (at time of death)
Species Ghost
Spectral Energy Color
Status Deceased

PJ is the ghost of a young boy who lives in Max's House above the Corner Store. He died at age 11 of unknown causes, and seems to have significant self-confidence issues. PJ is his given name and has nothing to do with the fact that he died in his pajamas.


PJ is a timid individual lacking the self confidence and incredibly awkward. He is also very depressed, often practicing smiling to prepare for a time he can feel actual happiness again. He wants to be a poltergeist and move corporeal objects and looks up to Max as a sort of superhero for being able to fend off people older than him.


Maxwell PuckettEdit

He and Max are friends, though PJ's self-confidence issues often get in the way of their friendship's development. Max sometimes gives PJ words of encouragement, but he is just as likely to accidentally disregard or insult the poor ghost.


PJ has been friends with Lefty since before the comic started with the latter seemingly acting as PJ's guardian and protector from more malevolent spirits.

Hissin' PeteEdit

Pete seems to be in some degree friends with PJ and Lefty, although he hasn't interacted much with them save for clinging to PJ in fear.


  • In Chapter 2 Page 5, PJ exclaims "wizard" when Max explains his powers. This is slang for 'wow' from the 1920's. Assuming Paranatural takes place in the 1990's, as evidenced by Max's flip-phone, PJ can be assumed to have been dead for at least 60 years, making him ~70 years old including his age at death.
    • However, his knowledge of superheroes, which were introduced around the 1940's, suggests this number may be much lower.
  • In Chapter 5 Page 271, PJ introduces himself to Mr Spender as "Julip Pobin". As he is panicking in this scene, it is unclear whether this is true, but it is possible he simply misspoke, and his name is actually Pobin Julip or Pulip Jobin, either of which could fit his initials.
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