First Appearance Chapter 5, Page 34Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Tooled Up in Paintbrush

Muse is the spirit possessing Ed's paintbrush. He is incredibly muscular, and has certain physical similarities to a monkey.

Personality Edit

Muse is a lively and energetic spirit who takes great pride in his physically impressive physique and often promotes constant exercising in order to hone the mind. However, when the discussion turns to something he barely cares about, he almost never gives his full attention.

Relationships Edit

Edward Burger Edit

Muse seems to regularly require Ed perform extensive exercise before helping him, although more out of playful prodding than anything else. Despite his constant mockery about Ed's physical being, Muse does seem to show a bit of concern for Ed's well being, agreeing that knowing when to run is the correct decision.

Abilities Edit

Ink Painting Edit

Based on how his powers manifest through Ed's tool, Muse has the ability to generate black ink freely and create constructs and weapons from it. He additionally has the ability to decide the consistency of the ink itself; whether it's hard or soft, rubbery or inflexible, its weight or lack thereof, etc. His full limits and powers outside of the paintbrush are unknown.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Muse's speech balloons turn black at their tips, similar to a pen or brush dipped in ink.
  • Muse's impressive physique, supernatural abilities, and partnership with Ed grant him a great similarity to (and takes possible inspiration from) the Stands of the ongoing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series, most notably the stand Star Platinum, a comparison that even the author has made. It should also be noted that Muse shares his name with the band Muse, a naming convention that the majority of Stands in that series follow.
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