Mr. Garcia
Seventh grade science teacher at Mayview Middle School. Tired practically all the time. Max once saw him floating in a stream on his way to school.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 33Pnat
Age Adult
Species Human
Status Alive

Mr. Garcia is a lazy science teacher in Mayview Middle School.

At one point Susan notes he was involved in "The Pizza Incident" in which he threw one out the school window.[1] While Max was chasing Johnny through the woods, he sees Garcia seen lying in the middle of a small river, fully dressed. He later tries to bribe Max with a Starchman Star into not telling anyone about his escapade in the river.

He was later pursued by Isaac, who was concerned that Hijack could have been controlling him, only for Garcia to trap him to a tree instead, revealing that he knows the truth about the Paranatural Club and about the world of spectrals by knowing Spender personally enough, and has been meaning to talk to them for a while.

He watches and follows along with Bob Ross videos.[2]


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