Dr. Mina Zarei
An Activity Consortium scientist that drops in and out of Mayview. One cool customer. Tamed the Ghost Train with unknown methods. Gets very, very curious very, very easily.
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 70Pnat
Age 26[1]
Species Human
Class Spectral
Spectral Energy Color
Tool Glasses
Status Alive

Dr. Mina Zarei is a scientist working for The Activity Consortium, and the tamer of the Ghost Train. Often visits Mayview under the attention of her superiors, and is a former student of Francisco Guerra.

Personality Edit

For the most part, Dr. Zarei maintains a calm, serious demeanor and is in fact "one cool customer." She has been confirmed to be gay [2] and she can get particularly flustered by intimidatingly beautiful women such as Agent Day. However she does not appreciate those looking down on her, such as reacting to Francisco's assertion that the Ghost Train would be safer in his care rather than her own. She's very secretive in her ways, as she tries to maintain a low profile and refuses to give details on how she controlled the Ghost Train. She's also known to have a more mischievous side, as seen when she banters with Spender and gets back at him for coming to her unannounced.

Biography Edit

Along with Spender, she was a student of Francisco's (and apparently a bookworm) before becoming a Consortium Scientist. At some point she somehow tamed the Ghost Train, a wild spirit able to pass the barrier surrounding Mayview, being the only one to do so. She uses the Ghost Train to drop in and out on occasion as well as to bring Consortium Agents in and out of Mayview.

Paranatural Edit

When Spender comes by with the kids to board the Ghost Train, he meets Zarei accompanied by two other agents. Though she was uninformed of their arrival before she finished sweeping out stray spirits, she allows them to board to conduct their own sweeping. She allows the train to leave early as a small prank on Spender for not calling ahead of time, not knowing the Pixelhounds were on board.

When they come back, she is excitedly greeted by Agent Day, who reveals that she was given much information of Zarei's and Spender's involvement in Mayview, despite their assumption of being under the radar. While talking with Spender, she notices the wound inflicted by Forge on Spender's chest, and then turns her attention on the wounded Ghost Train. The Train goes berserk after she takes off Day's Love Arrow, forcing one of the Consortium agents to subdue it before she could calm it down, trapping them in Mayview. The Train enters its tool, a lantern, and Zarei takes the lantern so it can feed off her energy.

She is later seen still in Mayview, called to Francisco's dojo to mend one of his student's wounds. Isabel attempts to steal some of her medicine to treat a bite wound she sustained the previous night. She ends up taking the wrong medicine however (one that would sublimate flesh) and Zarei calls her out on this. Isabel shows her the wound and Zarei demands to know what happened to her on the Train. Isabel refuses on the grounds that she doesn't know her well enough, but the kind doctor uses her tool to fix up the wound anyway, later stitching up the wound remotely with the help of her spirit, Patchworm.

Later it is revealed that her attempts at gaining the trust of Spender's students were for the purpose of keeping an eye on him in order to get answers about last night's incident with the Ghost Train.

Relationships Edit

Ghost Train Edit

Zarei is the "master" of the spirit, being the only person who can properly control it. While her spectral energy is not close enough to the Train's to properly use it as a tool, she is still able to slowly heal it.

Richard Spender Edit

Zarei has known Spender since their time at Francisco's dojo and is the only person who calls him Richard. She seems to enjoy messing with him, like taunting his position in the Consortium.[3] Though they are close enough that Spender freely talks with her about his activities and Boss Leader's involvement, he chooses not to collaborate with her due to a past event. She also appears insulted when he seemingly stops discussing the subject out of caution. [4] Because of Agent Day's proclamation of knowing much about both their involvements in Mayview, it's possible Zarei is seen as in league with Spender by the Consortium.

Francisco Guerra Edit

Zarei does not have much patience for her former mentor, whom she views as arrogant. When Francisco doubted her ability to help the Ghost Train recover over one of his student's, she seemed angry and eager to prove him wrong.

Patchworm Edit

Patchworm is Zarei's primary spirit who has presumably known Zarei for many years and adored her for her kindness. She questions Zarei's methods in trying to keep tabs on Spender, suggesting she simply talk to him as a friend.

Hijack Edit

According to Hijack, he was created by Zarei 3 years ago. Hijack was tasked by her to discover what Spender was hiding from her, leading to him possessing multiple people throughout Mayview Middle School to get to him. Hijack considers Zarei his "mom", though Zarei dislikes it when Hijack calls her this, as it makes her feel old.

Abilities Edit

Like all spectrals, Zarei has the power of ghost sight and interaction, meaning she can physically interact with those of the spiritual world where others cannot. As a former student of Francisco, she has proficient control over her spectral energy allowing her to shape it in various forms, such as creating a lasso to pluck objects from a distance as well as use spectral energy thread to use as stitches. Zarei is also a skilled medical professional and carries assorted medicines with her.

Tools Edit

Zarei's tool is a pair of glasses inhabited by a spirit named Patchworm, which allow her to transfer wounds through the palm of her hand and leaving behind a layer of skin. She mainly uses this technique to operate on wounds and injuries remotely and away from the patient's body.

Though she cannot use it, she also carries a lantern tool mainly used to house the Ghost Train when it is injured. Because the train's color is teal, she cannot use the train's power as a tool for herself.

In addition to the Ghost Train, she has a number of other spirits under her control, including ones called Toolbox and Hotwire, but it is unknown if they are held within tools or a different method.

References Edit

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