Our first view of Mayview

Mayview is the town which is the main setting of Paranatural. It is described by Mr. Puckett as "The town on two hills, with nothing but a pristine lake and friendly people in between!"

Mayview is the old hometown of Mr. Puckett.

Locations in MayviewEdit

Mayview's BarrierEdit

There is a force field around Mayview which prevents any spirits or spectrals from crossing in and out of the town's border. However, it allows ghosts and non-spectrals to enter and leave the town without hindrance. It was placed there by an unnamed member of The Activity Consortium before the events of Paranatural.

The only spirit known to be able to pass through the barrier is the Ghost Train, and is regularly used to transport Consortium agents in and out of Mayview. While the Train is incapacitated or stuck inside a tool, it is impossible for spectrals to enter or leave the town. The Doorman's power also has the ability to let others bypass the barrier, if given the proper keys.