A strange seventh grader what runs the School Store. Knows all the goings-on at school.
First Appearance Chapter 1 Page 33Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive

Lisa is a student at Mayview Middle School. She is known for running the school store as well as being on top with school gossip (which she relays for a price, much to Suzy's chagrin). She is in Max's 7th grade class with Mr. Starchman, and she is often seen sitting in the front of the class.

She is also quite strong, able to detain Jeffavorite Flavors while his own abilities were being enhanced by the powers of Hijack, which had previously been attempted to little effect by both Isabel Guerra and Vice Principal DuNacht, and after confirming her awareness that he is an imposter after he is unaware of her identity, she warns him that there are several scary people in the school. After gym class is dismissed by Coach Oop, Lisa heads to the school store, where she works as a bartender, and later greets Maxwell Puckett as he enters, telling him that she was expecting him.

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