P.J.'s guardian, a disembodied hand ghost. A full-fledged poltergeist and a real good fighter.
First Appearance Chapter 2, Page 2Pnat
Species Ghost
Class Poltergeist
Spectral Energy Color
Status Unknown

Lefty is another ghost living in Max's house along with PJ. Lefty is a left hand wearing a white glove with a stitched scar of the back of his hand.


Being a disembodied hand, Lefty is not readily capable of showing much personality or emotion, however he seems to readily help and protect PJ acting as his guardian and seems to enjoy taunting Max. Lefty is not able to speak although PJ seems to suggest the two are able to communicate. PJ also claims Lefty "saw" though how he is capable of doing so is unknown.



Lefty seems to be good friends with PJ, acting as a sort of guardian and protector, readily attacking Max when he threatened PJ.


Despite initially attacking Max during their first meeting, Lefty later attempts to help him during the fight with Gorf with mediocre results.


  • Good at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Seems to be adept at manipulating his own spectral energy, using what appeared to be a "spec shot" among other techniques during a fight with his own reflection.
  • Is a poltergeist, and so is capable of interacting with corporeal objects.
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