King C.
A wrathful storm spirit that resides within Isaac. His ideas about good and evil conflict with Isaac's. Has li'l swirly nipples.
First Appearance Chapter 3, Page 47Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Possessing a Medium

King C. is the spirit possessing Isaac O'Connor. He is a weather spirit with blue spectral energy.


Isaac O'ConnorEdit

Isaac's Spirit possesses Isaac, though the spirit is not very happy about it. He tries to guide Isaac's actions towards realizing his true powers. He believes Isaac can be a "true agent of justice".

Richard SpenderEdit

The Spirit hates "the glasses man", mostly because he's giving Isaac orders, which indirectly means giving orders to him as well.


Despite no interaction between the two, Isaac's Spirit seems to have decided that Doorman is nothing but a weak fool and does not understand how Isaac respects him more than himself.


Weather Control Edit

Isaac's spirit can create weather effects like rain, snow, and lightning. As his powers are largely based in the material world, most of his abilities are visible to non-spectrals.

Trivia Edit

  • Fans sometimes refer to The Spirit as Montezeusma, a portmanteau of "Montezuma" and "Zeus", in reference to Aztec and Greek mythology.
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  • The letter C in his name might be "Cumulonimbus", a type of cloud, fitting in with his weather themed powers.
  • One of the nin has implied that King C. was once defeated by Richard Spender.