Johnny Jhonny
Delinquent scourge of the seventh grade. Punches rules in the face... by punching people in the face. One time he bullied his own reflection for by the mistake.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 19Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Class Medium
Spectral Energy Color
 Assumed Gray
Status Alive

Johnny Jhonny[1] is a character of Paranatural and is a leader of a gang of ruffians. He is currently a medium to Forge[2] and has seen a shade of a Doctopi.[3]



Johnny has a rather eccentric personality, given his rather erratic tendencies and actions. As the local bully he often terrorizes his peers claiming "Beating on nerds IS [his] business. It is [his] main source of Income". Despite his rather violent tendencies he has shown himself to be a relatively friendly bully, going so far as to compliment Max on his free running skills after beating him up and giving him change for the fifty cents that he had demanded.


R.J., Ollie, and StephenEdit

Johnny highly values the rest of his gang and hangs out with them when they are not helping him with his various shenanigans, they are often seen together after school. The bond between their friendship is so powerful it can be used to utilize multiple forms of the "Friendship Fusion" technique.


Johnny spent a good deal of time pursuing Max after he stepped on his face, demanding he give him fifty cents for the offense. Despite this, he can be perfectly amiable towards Max on occasion, complimenting him on his free running skills and greeting him friendly at their next meeting. However, after Max blocked an attack from Hijack at the expense of his arms, Johnny seemed to gain a respect for him, expressing concern that he was hurt. He later wonders out loud what Max thinks of him and expresses interest in becoming friends with him to Ed. Along with Isaac O'Connor, he suspects Max of being a mutant.


Despite attending the same school Johnny seemed to be unfamiliar with Isaac. This is possibly due to the fact that Isaac is an eighth grader. After witnessing Isaac use his weather power on the Sphinx of Games he becomes convinced that Isaac is "Some mutant or somethin'".

Ed Edit

Johnny recognized Ed as one of the kids who were "levitating" (an at-the-time non-spectral's account of what spectrals riding the ghost train looked like) in the forest and tried to interrogate him with RJ's help- it didn't work, but while it was happening he identified Ed as a nerd and seemed surprised to know he hadn't bullied him before. Ed then helped Johnny realize he had to be himself while he was at a personal crossroads, and they seem to be on good terms.

The Activity ClubEdit

Johnny hasn't been known to directly associate with the Activity Club, and given his reaction to meeting Isaac, the degree to how much he knows of their existence is questionable. He seems to be equally suspicious of their group and the "Sunglasses Teacher" as he is of Isaac and Max, chasing after them after they pass him on the street.

Trivia Edit

  • Johnny's hair is dyed.[4][5]
  • Apparently, he once punched a snake.


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