Jeffavorite Flavors
Some nerd in Max's class. Hopes to someday pilot two gundams
First Appearance Chapter 1 Page 27Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Status Alive

Jeffavorite "Jeff" Flavors[1] is a student in Mayview Middle School who shares a class with Max. He is often bullied by Stephen and others for being a nerd.

Personality Edit

Jeff's most notable attribute is his complete and total nerdiness. He has an interest in stereotypically geeky things, such as video games. He also seeks attention, due largely to his lack of friends, and is seen being quite upset when Max decides against sitting next to him at lunch, but overjoyed when Max later calls him his buddy.

Paranatural Edit

Jeff came into the foreground when he was attacked by Hijack, who took control over his body, causing him to act far more serious and violent than his usual self. In an attempt to access the Principal's Office, the Hijack-controlled Jeff began using extremely powerful throws in that day's game of hitball, hoping to seriously injure someone.

Relationships Edit

Maxwell PuckettEdit

Jeff desperately wants to be friends with Max, and was extremely disappointed when Max decided to sit with Suzy at lunch.

Cody JonesEdit

Jeff and Cody are close friends.

Johnny JhonnyEdit

During Chapter 5 Johnny bullied Jeff, and due to his nerd status may have been one of Johnny's victims before. However, Johnny later high fives him while marching with R.J. to detention, to which Jeff says he's "cool now".

Violet Edit

She and Jeff are friends, and after the game of hitball she showed a lot of concern for how Jeff was feeling.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeff's full name was initially given as 'Jeffavorite'. Then Taylor convinced Zack to change it to "Jeffrey". A few months later, Zack came to their senses and built up the confidence to change this back to 'Jeffavorite'.[1]

References Edit

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