Hitball is a game created by Coach Oop in replacement of the district-banned Dodgeball "'cause DODGING was never the IMPORTANT PART of the sport anyways."[1] It was played in Chapter 5.


The game mainly consists of throwing soft balls at each other across a court divided by a line. The goal of the game is to be the team with the most players standing at the end.


If a ball hits an opponent, they're out.

If the ball is caught before it hits the ground, regardless of who it hits beforehand, the thrower is out, and whoever was hit is still in.

Players who are out, sit on the bleachers until the end of the game unless someone on their team catches the Golden Switch, in which case they are back in the game.

Golden SwitchEdit

The Golden Switch is a ball that has special properties. Unlike with normal balls, if someone catches the Golden Switch you threw, you stay in the game, to live with the shame of everyone your team got out returning to the field. A player hit by the switch is not out but instead changes teams.

Observed SwitchesEdit

  • Lisa - From the Burnhounds to the Shockodiles[2]
  • Max - From the Shockodiles to the Burnhounds[3]
  • Cody - From the Shockodiles to the Burnhounds[4]

Observed CatchesEdit

  • Unnamed Kid - Shockodiles[2]
  • Johnny - Burnhounds[5]

Initial TeamsEdit


The two teams at the beginning of the game.