First Appearance Chapter 5, Page 23Pnat
Age 3
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Possessing Richard Spender

Hijack is an orange spirit resembling a brain with aspects of a wooden puppet, with hands shaped like puppet controllers. He is currently considered the major antagonist of Chapter 5.

Personality Edit

Hijack is an individual who places a high value in power, calling out the bullying tactics of Johnny's gang as "a waste of good violence."[1] In his worldview, actions driven by both kindness and cruelty are cheapened by not backing them with a grander purpose and that such actions are entirely selfish without that purpose. He isn't afraid to use violence to forward his own agendas, though, and in fact was willing to permanently scar Johnny and his gang simply to make them remember his ideology better since "a scar is forever."[2]

Paranatural Edit

Hijack was sent by Mina Zarei in order to discover what secret Richard Spender was hiding from her. This leads to Hijack possessing multiple people in order to get to the school and to Spender.

The spirit's influence was first noticed via a strangely-acting but otherwise average dog that chased Isabel to the school. Neither Isabel nor Max detected anything especially unusual about the canine and thus left it to its devices. Upon getting to the school, the spirit quickly took control of a downtrodden Jeff's body and tried to gain access to the Principal's Office. After learning that the office would only open to them after seriously injuring another student, the spirit-led Jeff began attacking students during a hitball game, throwing intensely powerful balls at the other students. An extensive battle followed between the possessed Jeff and the other students, ultimately ending when he was struck by nearly every ball on the field at once and forcing Hijack out of his body. However, Hijack had broken Max's arm in the process and managed to sneak back into Jeff's body during the aftermath of these events when Coach Oop returned to the gym.

Oop sent the still-possessed Jeff to the principal's office, unwittingly allowing him to possess Spender. It is then that he reveals to Mina the injury Spender got during his fight with Forge. Mina becomes outraged for reasons unknown and heads to the school to deal with Hijack. This happens simultaneously with Lucifer revealing he knew Hijack was there, along with Max telling Isabel that it was Spender who was possessed, after being told by Isaac who was told by Mr. Garcia.

Abilities Edit

Puppet Control Edit

The exact nature of Hijack's powers is currently unknown, although he appears to have the ability to directly manipulate living beings as if they were puppets. Notably, this ability allows him to attack even non-spectrals who, while under his influence, continue to act as non-spectrals and appear completely average sans potentially odd behavior. He appears to only be able to control one body at a time, as when he took control of Jeff, his previous victim wandered off no worse for the wear.

Trivia Edit

  • Hijack has a house and likes Wii Sports [3]

References Edit

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