Ghost Train
Ghost train
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 70Pnat
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Tooled Up in Lantern

The Ghost Train is a large spirit that is capable of bending any matter out of its way, including the Mayview barrier.


The Ghost Train acts somewhat like a domesticated animal, obeying the orders of Mina Zarei, though it is considered wild. Like an animal it appears curious of strangers, calm, but easy to frighten. After being wounded by Forge it temporarily enters a grudge state and becomes noticeably more uncontrollable. While affected by Day's arrow, it exhibits much more human motions like kissing, flirtatious winking, and blowing out heart-shaped smoke.

Paranatural Edit

The Ghost Train is mainly used by The Activity Consortium as a means of getting in and out of Mayview. During the Activity Club's meet-and-greet with Agent Day, the Train had to be cleaned of stowaway spirits when they encountered three Pixelhounds on board. While Isabel and Max fought two of the spirits on board, the third jumped off the train and provoked Richard Spender and a nearby Forge into a duel. During the fight, Forge ripped a massive scar into the side of the Train that caused it to start transforming into a grudge, becoming increasingly wild and uncontrollable.

The Train's rampage came to a head when it nearly ran over Max but was eventually stopped by a Love Arrow fired by Agent Day. The Train calmed down immediately and in short time took Day and the Activity Club back into Mayview. However, when the Arrow was removed the Train went back to its feral state, forcing a nearby Consortium agent to slay it before Zarei could calm it back down. The Train retreated into its tool, a lantern, to heal itself using Zarei's spectral energy.

Relationships Edit

Mina Zarei Edit

Dr. Zarei is the spirit's "master" and claims to be the only one able to control it. Zarei cares for the train's well-being, as she was angered when the train was injured and later taken down by a fellow Consortium agent. She is currently healing the Ghost Train at a slow rate due to only sharing a similar color (her green to the train's teal).

Maxwell Puckett Edit

After getting hit by Agent Day's "Love Arrow", the Ghost Train temporarily fell in love with Max, and would attack anything that would bring him harm.

Abilities Edit

Spatial Warping Edit

The Train is capable of bending matter around itself, allowing it to move through objects without damaging them. Because of this power, the Ghost Train is one of the few spirits capable of exiting the barrier around Mayview, and the only practical transport in and out of the town for spectrals and spirits. The power is conscious as the Ghost Train can choose what it does and does not warp, explaining how the train's interior can actually be entered.

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