"H-hey, the name's Flipflop. N-nice to meet you, boss!"
First Appearance Chapter 5, Page 171Pnat
Age 23
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Tooled up in Umbrella

Flipflop is a turtle spirit currently aiding Isabel Guerra. His design borrows heavily from an "urban youth" aesthetic, wearing its shell as a baseball cap, a cardboard box for replacement shell, and what seems to be a garbage bag for pants.

Biography Edit

Flipflop's hat is his actual shell, outgrown at some point, requiring him to adopt a cardboard box as a replacement. He also have at least two "sworn brothers"[1] with superior powers whom they trained with under a teacher.


After losing the book containing her former partner, Isabel's grandfather offered her a red umbrella as a replacement tool. She accepted and brought her new tool with her to the school. This umbrella was the tool housing Flipflop, but the spirit only introduced himself to Isabel during her search for the body-stealing spirit Hijack. She was drawn into a heightened state and made an awkward introduction with the spirit and his powers.



Flipflop using his powers.

Flip-Flopping Edit

Flipflop's only demonstrated power as of yet is flipping objects, which it is first seen using on himself to prevent getting stuck on his back. The flip is instantaneous, meaning no form of spinning or twisting occurs; in one instant the target object is oriented one way, and the next instant it's flipped.


  • Flip-Flop's name is a pun on hip-hop.

References Edit

  1. Chapter 5, Page 173Pnat
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