Edward Burger
Ed's personality tends to be bizzare, possibly even mildly insane. However, he still seems to care about his friends, especially Isabel, whom he is very close to.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 33Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Class Spectral
Spectral Energy Color
Tool Paintbrush
Status Alive

Edward "Ed" Burger[1] is one of the main characters of Paranatural, a student of Mayview Middle School, and a member of the Activity Club.


Ed is incredibly bizarre, generally unpredictable and affable, due to his constant transparency when dealing with spirits. He often enjoys himself while fighting spirits despite the present danger. However, he still cares about his friends when it counts—especially Isabel, to whom he is very close.

Though Ed is generally fearless, he's very scared of Isabel's grandfather, Francisco, and will always try to avoid his anger.


Isabel GuerraEdit

Ed is closer to Isabel than any other member, being spectrals the longest and sharing the same devil-may-care attitude toward dealing with supernatural problems. Ed also lives in Isabel's house for unknown reasons. Since the incident with the Ghost Train, Isabel suddenly is not as willing to hang out with Ed and Ed thinks that she may hate him. He also sees her as a mentor [2].

Richard SpenderEdit

He seems to be friendly with his teacher, and jokes with him often. However it is revealed that he does not see Mr. Spender as a mentor[3].

Isaac O'ConnorEdit

He doesn't seem to be very close to Isaac, as the two don't normally talk very much. Though he disliked the fact he is paired with Isaac to patrol the Ghost Train, protesting he is a "nerd", they are able to cooperate fairly well together when working.

Muse Edit

He looks to Muse for advice, even though his spirit seems to require him exercise before he does anything for him. Despite his constant mockery, Muse does seem to at least show a bit of concern about Ed's well being, agreeing that knowing when to run was the correct decision.

Maxwell Puckett Edit

Ed is usually on good terms with Max. They are friendly towards each other and Ed even helped Max out when he was attacked by Gorf.

Ed however became jealous of Max's friendship with Isabel after she began ignoring him. Because of this he became somewhat passive aggressive with him.

Johnny Jhonny Edit

Johnny and Ed never had interacted much before, though Ed mentioned Johnny was in a lot of his classes and that, despite Ed being a nerd, Johnny had never bullied him before. [4]Johnny, Ed, and RJ get into a fight, which Ed wins. Johnny then asks for profound wisdom and Ed tells him to believe in himself. Johnny then declares that Ed is now his friend. They are later seen hunting down and engaging Starchman in battle.


Agent Day implies that his parents were doctors who mysteriously went missing.[5]


Ed's tool, an over-sized rubbery paintbrush housing the spirit Muse, grants him the ability to create constructs out of black paint. This power is limited to objects but he can choose the sort of substance the ink behaves like (hard and sharp, rubbery, soft and flexible, affected by gravity or not affected by gravity, etc.) Having lived with Isabel at the Dojo, he's also trained in the arts of spectral energy and in terms of the Activity Club, his skill is only second to Isabel's.

He is strong enough on his own that Francisco doesn't bother him about his abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • His mentors/respected peers are Isabel, Muse, and Francisco - his fictional mentors are Spider Man, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Power Rangers, and Winnie the Pooh.[6]
    • Note the lack of Spender.

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