Bookish hermit of a spirit. Friend and mentor to Isaac, coaches him in his views of morality. His power lets him open up portals to any door, so long as he has the key. Serves an unknown master in their unknown agenda.
First Appearance Chapter 3, Page 35Pnat
Age Unknown, presumably over 100.
Species Spirit
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

Doorman, also referred to as "The Shortcut", is a spirit that resides in The Slanted Manse. He resembles a concierge, but his head is a doorknob and his jacket is a door. His agenda is a mystery.


Doorman has been shown to be a very polite individual, being a sort of mentor and friend for Isaac and letting him use his portal ability. He also seems to hold a strong sense of justice and morals, urging Isaac to follow a path of justice and not abuse his abilities for violence. When confronted by a certain spirit possessing Max, he becomes incredibly scared and intimidated, barely managing to converse with it.

Paranatural Edit

Doorman and Isaac met sometime before the events of the story proper began, and Isaac has kept a promise to keep Doorman's presence in The Slanted Manse a secret.

Isaac introduced Doorman and Max to each other during Max's third day in Mayview, unintentionally breaking his promise in the process. Having also referred to him as "a teleport", Doorman admonishes Isaac for this breach in their trust, but forgives him after seeing how genuinely guilty Isaac feels in hindsight. Before Max and Isaac use his power to enter the school, he tries to get Max to make the same promise Isaac had in keeping his presence secret. However, he finds himself conversing not with Max but with a spirit possessing him. Recognizing the spirit's identity immediately, the two exchange words about each other's "factions" before it leaves, leaving Doorman highly disturbed.

Doorman later would have played a pivotal role in allowing the fire spirit Forge past Mayview's border into the town proper. With the use of a locket allowing items to be passed between the two of them, Forge was to create a metal door and matching key that Doorman could use to create a portal into the town. Due to opposing intervention, this plan never came to fruition and Forge was forced to enter Mayview a different way, with the locket falling into the possession of Richard Spender.


Isaac O'ConnorEdit

Isaac and Doorman share a friendly bond. However, Doorman refers to Isaac as "master", as the formal term for a young man (usually reserved for boys who have yet to enter society), and will not hesitate to give him a lesson in ethics if he deems it necessary.


He seems to be allies with Forge, and is willing to help him. Forge also has a miniature portal inside a locket which he can send Doorman small objects through.


Doorman is also in cahoots with Nin, although they work more closely together and serve the same master.


Doorman has been described by others as impressively intelligent but lacking in raw physical power (Forge being the "brawn" to Doorman's "brains"). Doorman has the capacity to speak high spirit.

Door Portals Edit

Given the key to a door, he can turn his body into a portal into the location that door would normally open to. This portal works both ways; given the key to a door, he can turn that door into a portal to his current location through his body. This power is not just limited to regular doors, however; using keyhole-shaped cuff links he can turn his arms into portals to other locked objects, like lockets. His spirit power also grants him the privilege of letting others sneak past the Mayview barrier, if given the key to a door on the other side.

Trivia Edit

  • Doorman has a tendancy to use weather metaphors when speaking to Isaac, much to the latter's annoyance. [1]
  • He is the first character to be seen speaking high spirit [2]

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