Dimitri Danger
A real laidback dude and member of the Journalism Club. Suzy enabler. What's his deal though
First Appearance Chapter 1 Page 30Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Class Medium
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

Dimitri Danger[1] is a student at Mayview Middle School and a member of the Journalism Club. He's known for being very laid back, and often enabling Suzy's crazed antics. Despite this, he is a very clever thinker, able to not only quickly and easily come up with his own plans, but also understand others' with very little information, to the point of accurately predicting the outcome. He is also seen using unknown powers that protected him from the pain of being hit by one of Hijack's high-speed dodgeballs, and he also sabotaged (possibly unintentionally) Suzy's attempts to eavesdrop on the Activity Club by unplugging the device multiple times, claiming to have heard things that were not said, and not hitting the button that makes the device record. He also appears to know Isabel Guerra, as they shared an awkward glance while waiting on Coach Oop to return to the gym class.

Paranatural Edit

In Chapter 5, Dimitri aids the Activity Club in the takedown of Hijack-possessed Mr. Spender.

Abilities Edit

Dimitri has some form of body manipulation, able to stop one of Hijack's bone-breaking dodgeballs and split his head in half when attempting to dodge an attack by Mr. Spender.


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