Dimitri Danger
A real laidback dude and member of the Journalism Club. Suzy enabler. What's his deal though
First Appearance Chapter 1 Page 30Pnat
Age 12
Species Human
Class Medium
Spectral Energy Color
Status Alive

Dimitri Danger[1] is a student at Mayview Middle School and a member of the Journalism Club. He's known for being very laid back, and often enabling Suzy's crazed antics. Despite this, he is a very clever thinker, able to not only quickly and easily come up with his own plans, but also understand others' with very little information, to the point of accurately predicting the outcome. He is also seen using Peekaboo's powers that protected him from the pain of being hit by one of Hijack's high-speed dodgeballs. He also appears to know Isabel Guerra, as they shared an awkward glance while waiting on Coach Oop to return to the gym class.

Personality Edit

For the most part, Dimitri appears to be laid back and relaxed. His appearances before Chapter 5 mainly have him sleeping in the backgrounds of classroom scenes, and he defends the Activity Club members in Chapter 1 when Suzy insults them. He also is sarcastic to Collin and Suzy during their eavesdropping on the Activity Club. However, he can get supremely analytical when the situation calls for it, coming up with a plan in Hitball in order to get Cody to switch teams as well as criticizing the Student Council's weak plan of brute force. Dimitri can also be surprisingly serious, such as when he threatens Max not to tell Suzy of his being a spectral before he fights a Hijack-possessed Mr. Spender, or when he coldly responds to Suzy's inquiry about Mr. Spender being the Activity Club's advisor. He appears to respond to an uncomfortable situation by distancing himself from it, as seen when he quietly exits after the fight against Hijack and his attitude towards his spirit's questions of if he's still afraid of and/or mad at it.

Paranatural Edit

In Chapter 5, Dimitri participates in the battle against a Hijack-possessed Jeff during the Hitball game and is a key player alongside Johnny and Max. After the match, Dimitri uses his position in the Journalism Club to sabotage the information Suzy was attempting to obtain on the Activity Club, mainly by antagonizing Collin into leaving, unplugging the wires to the radio equipment used for the spying multiple times, claiming to hear things that are not being said, and not pressing the button on the device that records the audio. He also aids the Activity Club in the takedown of Hijack-possessed Mr. Spender.

Medium Edit

Dimitri is a Medium, and is being possessed by a short ghost-like being named Peekaboo.

Relationships Edit

The Activity Club Edit

Dimitri used to be one of the original members of the Activity Club until an incident involving the new-at-the-time Isaac caused him to quit. In particular, he seems to be on uneven terms with Isabel, as the two share an awkward glance while waiting for Coach Oop to return. Notably, Dimitri exits quietly without talking to Mr. Spender after the Activity Club's fight with a possessed Spender concludes.

The Journalism Club Edit

Dimitri is currently a part of the Journalism Club as the newspaper's editor, although the extent of his relationships with Suzy and Collin are unknown.

Peekaboo Edit

The relationship between Dimitri and his spirit is strained, implied to be due to a previous incident. Peekaboo mentions not being able to talk to "Didi" since the spectral barely uses his abilities, and acts somewhat like a dog who just had its master come home after a long day at work. Dimitri's responses to Peekaboo are distant, reacting uncomfortably when Peekaboo hugs his leg and giving short responses to Peekaboo's questions of if Didi is still mad at/ scared of him.

Abilities Edit

Dimitri has some form of body manipulation, being able to stop one of Hijack's bone-breaking dodgeballs and splitting his head in half when attempting to dodge an attack by Mr. Spender[2].

Due to being a Spectral, Dimitri can weaponize spectral energy. He uses his to make boxing gloves and pads as well as a ball and chain to attack a Hijack-possessed Spender during the Activity Club's fight in Chapter 5.

Though it was likely a visual joke, Chapter 5 Page 50 shows Dimitri somehow knowing Max is having a flashback, even to the point where he acknowledges the flashback Max had of him saying "don't waste time having flashbacks to things that happened seconds ago" immediately after saying it. The alt text reads, "if we need a reason why dimitri can tell max is having a flashback i propose that max is doing some puppetless ventriloquism and repeating back everything everyone just said but also retroactively giving himself better one-liners", heavily implying this is not to be taken seriously.

Gallery Edit

Dimitri’s powers

Dimitri’s shapeshifting power


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