Cody Jones
A likeable kid in Max's class. Yep, that's it.
First Appearance Chapter 1, Page 33Pnat
Age 12
Species Dhampir
Status Alive

Cody Jones[1] is a student in Mayview Middle School who shares some classes with Max. He is secretly President of the Student Council, despite only claiming to be a non-active member.


Cody is an optimistic, friendly kid who seems for the most part normal.


Cody doesn't feature predominately until Chapter 5, when he's playing Hitball. After Max is transferred to the Burnhounds and begins planning with Dimitri and Johnny how to get out Jeff, Johnny hastily throws a ball that is blocked by Cody. Cody then proclaims that their true opponent is him, dodging all of Johnny's throws with ease. When he's outsmarted and hit by the Burnhounds, he begins to proclaim that they've earned his respect and friendship. But before he can join their side, Jeff hits him with a ball. Approaching the group, he tells them that isn't Jeff, and to "Punish him."

Later in the School Store when Max asks if anyone wants to talk to him, Cody responds. He and Collin reveal that they're friends, and proceed to exposit about the corruption of the Student Council. Afterwards, Max asks why Cody slipped him a note asking to talk to him. Cody reveals he wasn't the one to give Max the note and only wanted to befriend him.

After Hijack is captured by his father, Davy, Cody appears and confronts him, saying that he wants to be the one to defeat Hijack to protect Jeff. Davy won't allow it, asserting that he won't risk Cody's safety, nor the peace Davy keeps. Cody uses vampire rules to force Davy out of the school. Davy then reveals that Cody is the student council president to the audience. Before leaving, Davy orders Cody to "cut him in two." Cody explains that he had intended to let Hijack go, but he can't disobey his father's orders, and subsequently cuts Hijack in half.


Jeffavorite FlavorsEdit

Cody and Jeff are close friends.

Dave JonesEdit

Cody's father, their relationship seems to be slightly tense, with Cody being frustrated by his father's behavior. As his sire, Cody must obey all commands given to him by his father. He appears relieved when Davy finally leaves Mayview Middle School.

Collin Sloinne Edit

In the school store, it's revealed Cody and Colin are friends.


Cody is very talented at hitball. He is able to dodge Johnny's throws with ease, and take out all three student council members with one throw. It took the combined efforts of Max, Johnny, Ollie, and R.J. to get him out.

While it is established that Cody cannot see spirits, it is implied that he can hear them.[2]

Cody also seems to be capable with a sword.


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