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A night lamp in the Activity Club room.

Spirits are spectral entities, and can interact with other spirits, ghosts, and any person or object imbued with spectral energy. They do not generally interact with the material world and can pass through physical objects. Most spirits possess a special power or ability that is generally unique to them, from basic powers of magnetism or fire manipulation to more complex abilities such as erasing parts of people's bodies. When a spirit is fatally wounded or defeated in combat, they enter a weakened state that allows them to possess an object or a person indefinitely.

Two known sub-varieties of spirit are known to exist:

  • Poltergeists, which are spirits capable of manipulating the physical world. Whereas the majority of spirits are incapable of directly affecting the material world, poltergeists have gained the ability to move objects and leave imprints. Note that this designation is also shared with ghosts capable of the same feat.
  • Grudges, which are versions of spirits that, according to Boss Leader, are "beefed up on fear and rage." Most spirits seen to enter a grudge state have done so after extreme damage, generally becoming more uncontrollable and powerful as a result. This form is only temporary and the spirit will eventually transform back, as seen with the Ghost Train and the Ravenous Gobbledygook.

Spirit SpeciesEdit

While the majority of spirits appear to be wholly unique individuals, species of spirits have been shown to exist with all members of the species sharing basic appearances and characteristics.

Known spirit species include: