Isaac's illustration of a medium gaining their spirit's powers.

  1. Mediums are humans (usually spectrals) who have been possessed by spirits near permanent death, similar to how spirits can possess objects to create tools. In order to regain their strength, the spirits take their host's spectral energy to revive themselves after a period of time. The spirit living within the human feeds off their surplus spectral energy until they are ready to reemerge fully replenished.

A spirit may also possess a normal human, in which case the human will gradually become a spectral over a period of time. Mediums gain the ability to use the possessing spirit's powers directly without the use of a tool, and are implied to have more potent abilities than spectrals using tools.

Similar to a tool, Mediums will grow physical manifestations of the spirit possessing them; for example, Isaac's spiky hair reflects characteristics of his spirit. Long-time Mediums will have more drastic changes to their body, implied to reach a peak when the spirit is fully healed and still living inside the host. These physical changes are visible to non-spectrals and can dramatically alter their appearance, as visible on the Consortium agent Greco Stucks.

Notable Mediums Edit

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