Agent Day
First Appearance Chapter 4, Page 134Pnat
Age Adult
Species Human
Class Spectral
Spectral Energy Color
Tool Cane
Status Alive

Agent Day is a blind spectral who works for The Activity Consortium, and is the pupil of Texas Walker.[1] She was sent to Mayview under the pretense of investigating complaints brought up by the Cousinhood of Man. In reality though, she was sent to investigate Richard Spender's secret agenda in Mayview for Boss Leader.

Paranatural Edit

When the Cousinhood of Man requested the Activity Consortium look into their concerns in Mayview, Agent Day leaped at the opportunity to get into the town. Boss Leader granted her the task, although Day's real task was to investigate affairs regarding Mr. Spender (and consequentially Mina Zarei), along with other assorted mysteries she had been working on on her own. During the Ghost Train's rampage she ultimately saved Max from being run over by firing an arrow at the feral spirit, simultaneously calming it down. When this arrow gets pulled out of the Train, however, it goes feral again and a nearby Consortium agent is forced to slay the locomotive, trapping everyone inside Mayview. Day later retires to a motel to rest for the night.


Tools Edit

Agent Day uses a tool with "Cupid's Arrow powers," which can cause humans or spirits to fall in love with another human or spirit. This causes them to be unable to hurt (intentionally or unintentionally) whatever they fall in love with. Her tool, which contains her spirit Venus Guytrap, appears to be a green cane with a bouquet of roses at the top.

Agent Day is mostly blind, and has an especially hard time seeing in low light. At times, she is seen to go into a Heightened State of Perception and afterwards gain visual information, implying that her spirit is describing her surroundings for her.

Trivia Edit

  • Her character design is mostly made up of hearts, from her hair, ear shape, face shape, to other parts of her character.
  • She finds mysterious women attractive.[2]


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